What happens next after I have applied for my loan online?

  • We will ask you to bring your vehicle, its pink slip and your ID into our Woodland Hills location for inspection. 
    • The complete process takes only about 30 minutes, from inspection to receiving your cash loan.
  • We will inspect the condition of your car and valuate it. Your vehicle must be worth at least $6,000.
  • Depending upon the value and condition of your vehicle we will lend you money the same-day.
    • You will be using the equity in your vehicle as collateral, this is what is referred to as a Title Loan or a Pink Slip Loan. Your credit history does not matter because you will be using your vehicle as collateral. There is no “red tape”, no calling references – just the easiest, fastest title loan application in Los Angeles.
    • The complete process takes only about 30 minutes.
  • You can get your short-term cash loan today ranging from $2,550 to $20,000 (based on the value of your vehicle).
    • You (the borrower) must allow us (the lender) to place a lien on your car title, and you temporarily give us your pink slip (vehicle title), in exchange for a loan amount. You get to keep your car and can continue to drive it while you are repaying your loan. When the loan is repaid in full, the lien is removed and the pink slip (car title) is returned to you. 
  • Upon approval and funding we will give you a $100 gas card.
  • You get to keep driving your vehicle.
  • We will give you your payment schedule and interest rate.
    • You will pay your short-term loan back with interest. Our rates vary, starting from 4% – we have the lowest car title loan interest rates in California. In fact, we are so confident that we can offer you the best deal that if you can show us a competitor offering a lower interest rate in writing, we will beat that offer!
  • There is never a penalty for paying off the loan early. If you default on your payments then we can repossess the vehicle and sell it to repay your outstanding debt.

We are licensed with the Department of Corporations State of California Finance Lender and Brokers. CA business license #: 603 G874

QUESTIONS? Check out our title loan FAQ’s for answers or call us at (747) 230-5209 and we’ll address all of your concerns.

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